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Author Support

“If you love writing, if you feel it’s something you’re supposed to do, put aside the time to make it happen and assemble a team around you that will support your dream.

— Suzy Vadori

If you’re an author, Just Right Words would be honoured to be part of your team, supporting you and your books through Australian Curriculum-aligned teacher notes, and school workshop or presentation design.

With over 25 years of teaching and lesson programming experience in Australia and overseas, we have the familiarity with the Australian Curriculum and the knowledge of what teachers want, and content that will engage and motivate students of all ages, from Childcare and Preschool through to Year 12.

Focus on what you do best – creating and producing wonderful works of fiction and non-fiction — and let us focus on bringing your books alive in schools.

If you’re nearing the end of the drafting stage, remember Just Right Words when you’re ready for your words to be edited.

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