Beta Reading, Appraisals and Editing for Adult Fiction Manuscripts

Dr Susan Steggall, art historian and author

Susan Steggall’s manuscript, ‘Tis the Doing, Not the Deed was so beautifully written it only required a very light structural edit, checking for consistency of events and point of view, and a copy edit.

Her other manuscript, provisionally titled The Heritage You Leave Behind, was a much newer draft and Susan requested a beta read and appraisal. This task requires the editor to read as a reader would. Is it enjoyable? Does the story keep me engaged? At the end of each chapter, do I want to know what happens next? Is there anything confusing or that just doesn’t seem right?¬†

Dr Susan Steggall-Just Right Words

A happy author is proof of a successful editor. In Susan’s words:

..the manuscripts have greatly benefited from Kellie’s perceptive eye and literary sensibility.

About Dr Susan Steggall: Art Historian and Author 

Susan has published works of fiction, non-fiction and autobiographical accounts, as well as a number of academic articles in a range of journals.