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Book Coaching and Writing Services

What do I offer?

I have three distinct writing services which depend on your level of need.

YOU Write

Book coaching & mentoring

WE Write

Ghostwriting (or co-operwriting)

I Write

Content writing services

YOU write:

Book coaching and mentoring

If you think you can’t write, but have a simmering story idea for a story, a business book or a blog post, book coaching (or mentoring) will be perfect for you.

The YOU write process is tailored and different for everyone as it’s completely dependent on your needs. In a nutshell, after your free consultation, we will work out a schedule for writing, reviewing and consulting. We’ll repeat these steps for as long as you need.

We’ll communicate often – discussing your ideas, your questions, your concerns. We’ll focus on your skills that already shine, and work on the skills that need polishing.

My support. Your words!

Fees start at AU$100 per hour. Packages available.

WE write:

Ghostwriting (or co-operwriting)

Ghostwriting is all about turning your ideas, notes, jottings, diaries or articles into a publishable piece of writing that sounds like it’s from your pen because it reflects your background, your opinions and your voice.

Ghostwriting is not about me doing it all for you, it’s about doing it together, even if your contribution is completely oral – hence the term ‘co-operwriting‘.

The WE write process is completely driven by you in terms of how much communication you would like. We can organise regular meetings, or you can just send me what you have (in writing or as a recording) and leave me to it.

I don’t mind how long or short your project is, or whether it’s fiction, memoir or non-fiction. What I care about is helping you share your thoughts, experiences, memories and ideas with others.

You will be responsible for the design and publication of your book, although I do have people I can recommend.

Co-operwriting takes the pressure off.

Fees start from AU$200 an hour. Packages are available on request.

I write:

Content writing

Sometimes you just need to outsource things so you can focus on what you do best.

If that means getting someone else to write your content for blogs, articles, website pages, brochures, newsletters, or books, you’ve come to the right place. (Note – I can also edit your existing content for you.)

Ideally, you will start with a free consultation to discuss your needs. We’ll discuss a timeline or regular schedule and the amount of input I’ll need from you.

You will be responsible for graphic design elements or publishing content on your website, although I can also recommend people who can assist you with this.

I am more than happy to work with you on a one-off basis, ad-hoc as needed or on a regular schedule.

The I write process allows you to focus on your core business.

Fees start from AU$200 an hour.