How can we help you?

  • How much do you charge?

    That’s always my first question too. You’ll find my starting rates on each service page. However, because every project is unique, I really prefer to see your work and have a chat before providing a firm quote. I encourage you to use the free initial meeting or perhaps start with a sample edit.

  • I’m not sure which service I need.

    Don’t worry. Being unsure about what you need to progress your writing is more common than you think. This is why I offer a free initial meeting. There is no obligation on your part; it’s just an opportunity to talk about your project and clarify where you would benefit most from my help.

  • How do I get a spot on your Author & Illustrator Showcase?

    Easy! Get in touch with me and I’ll let you know what information I need from you to create a wonderful page. I’ll ask you questions about what inspires your work and how you got into writing or illustrating. There’s lots of room to showcase your books as well. I’d love to feature you.

  • What is Write Angles?

    Write Angles combines my two passions: education and the writing community. The program has two key components.
    1) YouTube and Podcast channels for teachers and students
    2) A boutique speakers agency for authors and illustrators.

  • Will getting my work edited guarantee publication?

    No editor can guarantee you a publishing contract or a number one bestseller. Nor can we guarantee 100% accuracy – we are all human. However, my promise is that your words will be as error-free as possible and I stand by that with my unlimited minor amendments guarantee.

  • Should I put your name in my book as editor or ghostwriter?

    That is entirely up to you. If you’d like to, that’s lovely. If not, that’s also okay. I will, however, ask you for a testimonial and would love to showcase your finished work on my website and in socials.

  • My project is urgent. Can you do it this week?

    It is unlikely, although there is never any harm in asking. Please be aware that I apply a 25% ‘rush rate’ to urgent jobs if I have to move my other commitments to accommodate your project.

  • How do you work out your fees?

    Editing and proofreading costs are calculated on a per word basis. Coaching and ghostwriting have hourly rates. I encourage you to book in for an initial meeting and have a quick, no-obligation chat about what you need and how much that might cost.

  • Will my work be kept confidential?

    Absolutely. I’m happy to sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement if this is something you require. I also have a contract that I’d appreciate you signing.

  • Do you also do design, formatting, typesetting, printing and marketing?

    Short answer — no. I can certainly advise you on these matters but, at this point in time, I am not involved in project management. However, I work with talented people who do provide these services and am happy to refer you or provide recommendations.