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Small Business Owners

~ business book coaching and editing

~ ghostwriting

~ blog and document editing

What do you write?

Business books

Many small businesses publish short e-books or print books about the background of their business, their journey or tips and hints for clients. Why not tap into this strategy to stand out from your competitors? I’d love to ghostwrite or coach you through telling your story.

Website content

Winning or losing new clients may sometimes come down to the content on your website. Keywords and phrases are important, but so is speaking to your target audience, using correct spelling and grammar and avoiding ambiguous meaning. A great website mirrors great business.

Information brochures

The information you provide to potential clients about your business, your products and your services needs to be clear, relevant and easy to read. I specialise in turning your industry ‘jargon’ into customer-friendly language that is easy to read and sends a clear message.

How can I help you?

How do I work?

Collaboration and communication are everything.

My first connection with you will be via a Zoom call or face-to-face.

If you already know what you need, let’s have a chat. If you’re not sure, or don’t know which service will be more helpful, this call is the ideal opportunity for us to work it out together.

You can book an initial meeting any time, with no obligation.

Once we both know exactly what you need, we’ll work out a plan, set some goals and get cracking.

Why do you need me?

If you run a small business, you’re brilliant at what you do – but you may not have someone on board who is equally as brilliant at forming and perfecting the written word.

All businesses need a fresh set of eyes, preferably trained ones, to check over brochures and flyers, web content and blog posts.

Focus on what you do best. Let me deal with the fiddly things, like words.

Why do I do this?

I’ve always loved people’s background stories and particularly the stories of how businesses came to be – whether there’s been a long family history or it’s your long-held passion. 

Businesses I’m drawn to, or those I go back to again, are the ones that share those stories, or who offer me something without a catch. Let’s be honest, they are also the businesses that take the time to carefully construct their copy and show me they care about attention to detail.

Why do offer my services to small business owners? I’m genuinely interested in your story. I like seeing the small people flourish. And I want to be part of developing the businesses I love.