Services for
Tourist Institutions

Many of our tourist and cultural institutions rely on visits from school and community groups. I can help you make their experience one they’ll talk about to others by providing the perfect teaching materials to accompany your exhibitions.

What do you need to write?

Teacher resources
Teacher Resources

As a teacher, there is nothing better than receiving an info pack full of background information about excursion destinations and a range of before, during and after activities – with relevant curriculum links. I can help you provide this to your visiting teachers.

Student Workshops

You obviously have the know-how with the exhibition content, but do you have the ability to link this to the curriculum and develop activities that will keep visiting students focused and wanting more? I do – and I’d love to help you keep our young minds engaged and learning.

Exhibition Related Publications-Just Right Words
Exhibition Publications

Whether you’re writing content for information panels, student booklets or a whole book – the content will need editing, not only for spelling and grammar but also to suit your target audience. The latter is particularly important if your publication is for children!

How can I help you?

How do I work?

Collaboration and communication are everything.

My first connection with you will be via a 30-minute phone call or Zoom session.

If you already know what you need, let’s have a chat. If you’re not sure, or don’t know which service will be more helpful, this call is the ideal opportunity for us to work it out together.

You can book that 30-minute, free, no-obligation session now.

Once we both know exactly what you need, we’ll work out a plan, set some goals and get cracking.

Alfred Mercier quote

Why do I do this?

As a child growing up in Canberra, I had access to a multitude of wonderful local excursion destinations. The ones I remember the most had workshop leaders who brought the exhibitions to life at my level. The other ones I remember featured stapled-together pages of questions we had to answer as we walked around listening to someone drone on and on.

Guess which excursions I loved and got the most from?

Even the most engaging exhibition or tour will benefit from a few value-added extras to entice schools and teachers your way.

What do you offer?

  • Educational activities to accompany exhibitions and tours
  • School workshops and excursions
  • Teacher resource packs with activities for before, during and after excursions
  • Holiday programs
  • After-hours events for teachers
  • A bookshop featuring your own publications

Who do you need in your corner?

  • A qualified editor to check printed materials before production
  • Trained school workshop and excursion leaders
  • A content specialist who can write at a child’s level of understanding
  • An education expert to develop teaching materials and workshop programs