Rewriting and Copy Editing IT Information Brochures

Rewriting and Copy Editing IT Information Brochures

The world of Information Technology has its own language. While everyone has IT needs, not everyone is fluent in tech-speak. SOLVit Network Support required copy editing and proofreading for all of their client service documents and information sheets. The language used needed to be authentic and accurate, but not incomprehensible to the average business owner.

Through communicating with Damien to unpack the terminology, I rewrote and edited his content for his target audience — business owners who need IT support and information but don’t necessarily speak IT language.

Kellie’s work has been invaluable to SOLVit, her breadth of knowledge and ability to simplify what would otherwise be an over-complex document and has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best, IT Solutions.

~ Damien Samios (SOLVit Network Support) ~

About SOLVit Network Support

SOLVit provides IT Support for small-medium businesses. They specialise in managed services, repairs and help desk support, cloud services, backup and security.

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