What I Do

I’m an editor, a writer and an education specialist who provides support for authors, publishers, small businesses and tourist institutions.

How can I help you?

Few things give me a greater buzz than helping authors and other writers refine their words so they can share their messages or stories with the world.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer in need of some book coaching, an author looking to have your manuscript edited or a business owner needing help with your blog posts or documents, I’m the person you want in your corner. I’m all about communication, clarity and compassion.

I believe writers inspire writing. After 25 years as a teacher, I’m more passionate than ever about producing quality teaching resources and workshop presentations that not only allow children to experience the true magic of reading and writing, but also promote our local authors and illustrators.


  • Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing (2016)
  • Master of Education Leadership and Mentoring (2004)
  • Bachelor of Education Primary and Japanese (1994)

My story

From the age of 8, I had my sights set on teaching. So, that's what I did — for 25 years. I haven't actually stopped because now I'm mentoring and coaching writers, and sharing my knowledge and experience through online forums and my YouTube channel, Write Angles. And I love it.

I’ve always been a writer. I have memories from primary school of proudly reading my stories to the whole school during many of our assemblies. Expressing my ideas, thoughts and soapbox issues via the written word keeps me in my happy place. 

Professionally, I've always been a bit of a 5-year-itch person. I'm constantly seeking new opportunities for professional growth. In 2014, I realised I needed a change but I'd been teaching so long, I didn't know how; I put the thought in the 'too hard basket'. It took a breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 to make me see that life is too short not to fully pursue what you love. Hence, Just Right Words was born.

Everything you do contributes to you who you are and drives how you interact with people.

Wonderful experiences that have shaped my life include:

  • living, studying and teaching in Japan for three years
  • climbing Mt Fuji and seeing the sunrise
  • dragon boating down the Arno River in Italy
  • raising two beautiful children
  • receiving the Anne Edgeworth Writing Fellowship in 2019.

Services I offer