Author Coaching and Mentoring Services

Author Coaching and Mentoring Services


For authors and business owners

Whether you are right at the start of your manuscript or project, in the middle or at the end, coaching can help you navigate obstacles and reach your end goal.

The beginning

You have an idea. You think it will work. But you’re not sure how to structure it or where to start.

The middle

You’re part way through your draft. Your idea has lost its magic. You’ve lost your motivation. You’re not sure where to go next.

The end (nearly)

You’re so close to finishing ~ just one more chapter ~ but the self-doubt has set in. Last chapter paralysis!

Draft done … now what?

You’ve done it! Maybe you’ve even redrafted a few times ~ but now you’re sick of looking at it. Words swim around on the page; they make no sense.

My coaching can help you through all of the above scenarios.


For authors, business owners and editors

When it comes to writing and editing, a mentor can provide you with one-on-one support to develop and practise the skills you need to move forward on your writing journey or in your career.


Not everyone can afford an editor for every manuscript. Mentoring can help you develop the skills to edit your manuscript yourself, at any level. You determine what you want to learn and how.

Business owners

As a business owner, you may have to write blog posts or fact sheets for your clients. Mentoring can provide you with support to learn how to structure your writing and target your audience ~ or how to edit a colleague’s work.


Mentoring is not a replacement for a quality editing course, but perhaps you just want to see if editing is for you before you commit. Or maybe you want to try a new genre or type of editing. A mentor can provide you with hands-on practice and advice, at your pace and in your areas of interest.

My mentoring is entirely driven by you and what you need.