Who I work with

At Just Right Words, my clients fall into two broad groups: authors and small business owners.

How I help my clients

Authors come to Just Right Words for support with planning, developing and editing their manuscripts, publishing their work and promoting it through the education system or speaking events.

Small business owners are typically seeking help to write and publish a business-related book, especially those that focus on creating credibility and a sense of knowing the business owner as a person. Assistance can also be provided to create or edit blog posts and other promotional material.

Blog Posts and Promotional Material

Your blog posts and other promotional materials need to be informative, readable and relevant to your target audience. You might understand the jargon but your potential clients want plain English.…

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Copy Editing Information Technology Brochures

The world of information technology has its own language. While everyone has IT needs, not everyone is fluent in tech-speak. SOLVit Network Support required copy editing and proofreading for all of…

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Beta Reading and Editing For Adult Fiction Manuscripts

I have been lucky enough to work on two of Dr Susan Steggall’s manuscripts, beta reading one and copy editing the other. When The Heritage You Leave Behind was in…

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Teaching Notes for Children’s Literature

For a teacher, having a set of curriculum-aligned teaching notes to accompany a new book is a godsend! Sure, the occasional word search or colouring-in sheet can be fun but…

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I need your help. How do I start?

Email me with a brief outline of what you do and what help you need. We’ll book in a Zoom call so we can have a chat – there is no charge for this and no obligation on your part.

Once you’ve decided to proceed, we’ll discuss what you need, your timeline and fees.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon and helping you bring your words to life.