Writing Services

What do I offer?

I have two distinct writing services to choose from, depending on your level of need.


We rewrite your drafts together


I rewrite your drafts for you


Working together

Co-operwriting (or ‘cooperative writing’) is all about turning your ideas, notes, jottings, diaries and articles ~ or even a completed first draft ~ into a publishable piece of writing.

Working together to restructure and rework your draft is not about me doing it all for you, it’s about doing it together ~ hence the term ‘co-operwriting‘.

The co-operwriting process is completely driven by you in terms of how much involvement you would like. We can organise regular meetings, or we can play things by ear, a chapter at a time.

The most important thing about the co-operwriting process is that you are also learning by doing. My goal is to guide you through the drafting process, teaching via demonstration.

Co-operwriting takes the pressure off but also helps you develop your craft.


Redrafting done for you

Sometimes, when you’ve been working on your manuscript or other documents for a long time, you can no longer see what you’ve written. You no longer know if your message is coming through or your story will engage readers.

This is where I come in.

I can take your draft, assess it, then redraft it for you until you are happy. No changes are ever made without your final approval.

Ideally, you will start with a free consultation to discuss your needs. We’ll also develop a timeline and a schedule for reviewing and rewriting.

A re-write can be done at any stage and with a range of manuscripts, including fiction, non-fiction, memoir, newsletters, blog posts or business documentation.

I take your existing content and rework it until you are happy with its shine.

The re-write process allows you to stand back and see your writing with fresh eyes.