The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.

~ Margaret Carty ~

Writing is a very solitary process. Many of us find it difficult to retain motivation and inspiration by ourselves.

It can make a world of difference being with other people while you write and obtaining feedback from supportive writers just like you.

But, where can you find a group of people like this?

We offer two groups to support you throughout your writing journey

Conspiracy of Writers

Conspiracy of Writers meets at least once a week on Zoom. We have a chat, state our writing goals for the session, mute and get writing.

If you have questions during the session, you can ask in the chat or unmute and ask Kellie.

Write Angles Critique Group

Write Angles is an online critique group. We are mainly a group of children’s authors but there is scope for more.

We divide into groups of no more than 6 and take turns giving and receiving supportive and constructive written feedback.