Blog Posts and Promotional Material

Your blog posts and other promotional materials need to be informative, readable and relevant to your target audience. You might understand the jargon but your potential clients want plain English. They also want to learn something and feel confident that you know what you’re talking about and will be able to meet their needs and requirements.

Every word needs to earn its place and fulfil a goal.

Superprof Australia

This international tutoring platform started to expand into Australia in 2018. A large part of Superprof’s marketing was through their blog posts, used to establish their tutors as an authority in their subject area or field of expertise. However, all of their posts were written for the UK and US markets; expanding into Australia meant rewriting these posts and creating new ones with their Australian audience in mind.

My role with Superprof, for nearly three years, was to repurpose and write blog posts on a wide range of topics, ensuring they were well-researched, relevant to Australia and optimised for SEO.