Why would you need to pay for professional editing and proofreading?

You can write. You have friends or colleagues who can check your work. You have spellcheck on your computer. Surely you can do this yourself?


The human brain is an amazing contraption. When it reads, it focuses on meaning. This is why most of us can read sentences that look like this:

I cna’t blveiee aybdnoy cluod aullacty uesdnatnrd this.

It deosn’t mttaer waht oderr ltetres are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteres be at the rghit pclae.

It’s worse when you’re trying to edit your own writing. Not only does your brain want to focus on meaning, to the detriment of spelling and sentence structure, it also tends to read what we think we’ve written.

Edit Our Own Writing-Just Right Words

This is why it’s hard to catch typos and more substantial errors yourself.

It’s also why you should employ a professional to do your editing and proofreading. We’re trained to switch off the ‘meaning mode’ so we can find even the tiniest typos.

The problem is, professional editing services can be costly. And, how much damage can a few typos do to your busin

ess anyway?

We only need to look at social media to see the fuss people will make about an innocent typo in a comment.

On professional business copy, the responses to errors may range from ‘I didn’t even notice,’ and ‘Who cares?’ through to ‘If they don’t care enough to fix their grammar, maybe they also don’t care enough about their products or customers.’

Can you afford to lose potential customers over a few errors?