Big Words

Why can’t we use enormous, whopping, super colossal, monster, humongous, big words in our writing? I will happily admit that title was much too long. In fact, if I was editing this for a client, I’d advocate against strings of adjectives and recommend using one well-chosen word. Depending on the purpose of the writing, I … Read more

What’s Going on with Writing Lessons?

We can teach our children to flap their wings, but conditions have to be just right for them to fly. — Annie Campbell One of my enduring memories from my primary school years is standing up in front of the whole school to proudly read yet another of my long, long, long stories. I loved … Read more


When I was a student, learning the ‘rules of punctuation’, I would never have dreamt a tiny mark on my page would be the subject of such contention—even among professional editors. The culprit in question, the comma, is of extreme importance when it comes to ensuring clarity in your writing. It has many uses and … Read more